4 months baby suffering from urine problem.Please guide me ?

Hi dr,My son is of 4 months , exclusively on bf ….his frequency of urination has increased a lot i.e after every feed he would pass urine atleast 4-5 tyms . I feed him @ 2.5 hrs….Is this normal or any cause for concern….Because i have heard babies of his age if they have 7-10 wet nappy is enough….pls guide me ?

4 months baby


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  1. Good Evening Shalini and thank you for your consultation. Infants usually have 6 to 7 diapers daily but urinate small amounts every hour.Is your baby also having fever,irritability or fussiness?If baby has these symptoms there is possibility of urinary tract infection.But if baby is comfortable I do not think there is anything to worry.Continue with exclusive breastfeeding.Keep me posted.Take care!
  2. As baby grows the urine frequency decreases.
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    Thanks dr....
    My son is no hvg fever or hez nt fussy...only thing is his urination has increased at tyms it goes to even 6 or 7 tym after each feed.... Also pls put some light on condition called " hypospadus" how serious is that nd hw is that treated?
  4. Hello and nice to hear back from you.If your baby is comfortable I do not feel there is anything to worry.Hypospadias is a condition in which urinary opening is not in the normal position.This can lead to curving of penis and difficulties in sex and urination in later life.The treatment is surgery anytime between the age of 3-18 months of age.Write back with more queries!