4 month baby urination not enough

Hello doctors,My son is 4 months. I had a preterm delivery @ 8 months. Initially he was unable to suck hence i was expressing my bm. Later I felt my lactation is decreasing hence I started with formula feed as well. By the time he was 1 nd half month he started sucking. M still continuing with both bm nd ff. He is d to pee very frequently till 3 months bt nw i feel my baby urination has become less. Nw hez more on bm than ff. Hw many tyms shld he pee in an hr?



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  1. Hello Shalini and thanks for posting us at Medimetry.I understand your concern.Do not worry.As newborns babies pass urine almost 12-15 times a day.As they grow the frequency decreases.At your baby's age he should be passing urine at least 7-8 times a day.Prepare formula feeds as directed and do not dilute it.Continue with breast feeding.Is baby gaining weight every month?Baby should gain almost 600 to 700 gms weight per day.Is baby having sound sleep?If yes then these are indirect indicators that baby is being fed adequately.If you think baby is fussy not gaining weight then he may need clinical examination.I sincerely hope this information helped you.Keep me posted.Take care and best wishes!
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    Thanks Dr for ur instant reply....
    Yes hez urinating more than 7 to 8 tyms. His birth weight was 1.86 nd nw hez 3.95 @ 3 months. Is this weight ok? Hez nt fussy nd sleep for abt 4 hrs in a stretch gets up for feed 2 tyms only @ night. During day he only sleeps well after massage....that he sleeps for 2-3 hrs. Is this fine?
  3. Yes Shalini nice to hear back from tou.Weight gain is adequate considering he was preterm.He seems to be fine Take care!