How to store breast milk ?

Hello Dr my baby is 4.5 months,she is not taking breast milk from last 2 days.when I take her in my my lap she starts crying.when I feed her with bottle she takes feed.She is having minor cold. I don’t know why she is refusing breast milk.I m not using any talc or perfume. Please tell me what is the reason behind this, I m worried about her and I want to give her breast milk.



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  1. Hello Monika and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Baby not taking breastfeeding can be very distressing.But you will be pleased to know that most of these cases are temporary and won't last long.Common cold in baby ,ear infections can make breastfeeding painful and lead to avoidance in breastfeeds.Changes in mother's hormonal levels can change taste of milk to some extent.Are you having adequate milk flow?Decrease in milk supply too can affect breastfeeding.Baby who's bottlefed has less difficulty in feeding on bottle since flow is consistent while breastfeeding needs efforts to suck milk.This could be a possibility in your case.When you breastfeed squeeze milk from breast so that baby has to apply less efforts while sucking.Try feeding baby in dark room so that baby has no distractions.Try doing all this.If baby has blocked nose put saline drops and use aspirator and gently suck secretions .Try different feeding positions .I sincerely hope all this helps.Keep me posted.Take care and regards!
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    Thank u Dr , breast milk supply is I squeeze milk in a bowl to feed my baby. Can I store breast milk? And how to store and use it??
  3. Hello Monika.Yes giving expressed breast milk is a great and healthy option .You can store breast milk at room temperature (temp not more than 25degrees)for 6 hours.You can store it in chill tray of fridge for 12 hours.Ensure that you bring it at room temperature by keeping our of fridge half hour before giving baby.Use clean hands to express milk.Breast pump if used should be clean and washed daily .Store it in clean plastic containers and give it with a small plastic cup.Never heat or warm the milk.Good day!
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    Hello Dr ,my baby is still having blocked nose.I m giving her saline drops and cold medicines. Dr has also given her nebulizer, she got some relief from that but now again she have congestion. She is not taking breast milk.what other can I do for her ? Can I gave her steam?
  5. Hello and thank you for writing us back.You should avoid giving direct steam to such a small child for fear of getting burnt.Keep a humidifier or mist vaporizer in room to keep air moist.That will help .take care!