36 weeks pregnant, what are chances of normal delivery?

I am 36 weeks pregnant, done with 9th months sonography. Babies weight is 2.67, and the head is in low position. Femoral length is 69mm humeral length is 61mm. Doctor says everything is normal. Is there any chances of c section as I am a working women in govt sector. I have to sit for long hours. My hemoglobin is 10.5 till now. I want normal delivery. Please suggest.


36 weeks pregnant, what are chances of normal delivery?
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    A woman's body is designed to grow a baby for nine months and welcome a new life into the world. "The pelvis and vaginal tissues were built for delivery, the brain releases endorphins that help with pain, and the fetus has a soft spot on her head so it can mold to fit out of the birth canal," What's more, "complications are the exception -- not the rule. So worrying about something which is not in your hands, will not be helpful, but only adding to the stress. You need to relax and leave these things in hands of expert doctors.

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