32 years old , having stomach ache from last 7 days

Hi doctor
Do you know malayalam?
I have stomach pain from 7 days , then i consult a doctor for this doctor say for that you would take scanning for stomach i take is normal this time very paining my stomach some time coming in breast (32years) what is the solution for that


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  1. Good evening Navya.Thanks for consultation.
    Please get ECG done followed by upper GI endoscopy with test for H.Pylori.
    Hope your breast are not tender or having any lump.Try to do self breast exam by palpation to exclude lump or tenderness.
    Blood to be examined for
    1.Haematocrit values.
    2.FBS &PPBS.
    3.Serum Bilirubin.SGOT.SGPT.
    and Amylase.
    I presume you have expressed yourself pretty well in English.
    Sorry, I don't know Malyalam.
    Presently you avoid fried and fatty and spicy foods.
    You can take
    1. Tab . Pan 40 1 tab early in the morningx 2 weeks
    2.Sucral suspension 2 tsf four times a day in between mealsx 2wks.
    3.Tab.Spasril 1 tab twice daily x 5days.
    But get the investgations done.
    Best wishes.
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    Thank you
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    Stomach massage good
  4. No use of stomach massage
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    My aunty in japan she make her body massage why we are massaging body escepecially breast also
  6. It's upto you.
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    Plese tell about that
  8. I don't think massage will help in relieving stomach ache.
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  10. Thanks.
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    Give me your number
  12. You can have it from MediMetry.
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    Dear User, MediMetry provides online consultation service. If you have any specific query then you may ask through MediMetry and our Doctors will answer it. Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any other help. Thanks !