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    You should follow a disciplined lifestyle with a healthy diet plan. Apart from eating healthy, you need to consult your doctor on the type of exercise you can do during your pregnancy such as walking, yoga, etc.
    Regarding a diet plan, you can view diet plan for Second Trimester and prepare yourself for the rest of your pregnancy journey:

    Here are some tips to manage unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy:
    1. Stick to protein rich diet instead of fat and cholestrol rich diet.
    2. Do yoga and walking regularly if no complications in your pregnancy. (confirm with your gynecologist before starting any exercise)
    3. Try to have mini meals to increase your metabolism.
    4. Take double toned milk for consumption.
    5. Shift to roasted makhana instead of nuts.
    6. Don't munch biscuits, namkeen or junk food. Instead control hunger pangs by consuming fruits, salads, roasted flat rice snacks and boiled peanuts.

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