29 weeks pregnant have constipation.

Hello Mam, I have a problem of constipation from last 1 month. My doctor gave me medicine. Is there any thing I can take instead of medicine?

Details about my pregnancy: I’m 29 weeks pregnant. In my recent ultrasound doc said to me that my placenta is low lying at 35 mm. This is my second pregnancy. My LMP is 6.2.2015.


29 weeks pregnant have constipation.

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  1. Hello Dear,

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    For constipation, you should increase fluid intake and use natural laxatives foods such as whole grains, dry fruits ( like figs), fresh fruits, vegetables rich in fibre and fresh juices. Proper sleep is also essential. You can include muesli, isabgol or oats bran in your diet. Husked pulses also help combat constipation.

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