26 weeks pregnant, Is there chances of water retention?

Hello doctor, I am 26 weeks pregnant. My baby has slightly bigger renal pelvis at 7mm and 5.4mm. Doctor asked to do a follow up scan at 32 weeks to see if it will become normal. What are the implications of water retention in renal pelvis?


26 weeks pregnant, Is there chances of water retention?
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    Diameter of renal pelvis is normally 4mm around this time. If it is less than 10 mm, and is not increasing or in one kidney only; it is usually not worrisome and majority of the times it resolves itself. If it is more than 10 mm and increases with advancing pregnancy, it means there is some problem with genitourinary system of the baby in form of obstruction somewhere which needs evaluation postnatally.
    If it involves both kidneys it is bothersome and may be associated with other fetal anomalies also and pregnancy complications like reduced liquor, fetal growth restriction, fetal death etc. Your findings are not that grave and hence repeat scan at 32 weeks will make the things clear. You can get fetal echo done to rule out cardiac anomalies.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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