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  1. Hello Vidisha and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Illnesses,blocked nose,abdominal colic,improperly fed baby are few common causes of night wakefullness.If your baby sleeps in day and is awake in night then its best to keep baby engaged in day by getting involved in baby.Try for sleeping daily by 9-10 pm.Switch off the lights and television for baby to go to sleep.You may give him a body massage or bath before bedtime.Ensure that baby is well fed,dressed comfortably and is at proper room temperature.This will help baby sleep well.Make baby lie down when drowsy rather than making him sleep in your lap.Look out for any illnesses.If problem persists please see a Paediatrician.Hope it helps Take care and best wishes!
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    Thank you so is really helpful
  3. Take care Vidisha!
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    My baby is having thrush in his mouth.. I apply blue liquid in his mouth... but it is coming again n again
  5. Hello Vidisha nice to hear back from you .For thrush you can use Miconazole cream or Nystatin cream.Apply it with the help of a clean finger 3 times a day in small quantities.Get baby examined first to confirm the diagnosis.Take care and wishing a speedy recovery for your baby.
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