2 days old, what should be used diapers or cotton nappies?

Hello doctor, My baby is 2 days old. What should be used diapers or cotton nappies? I’m getting mixed inputs and getting confused now. Which is most recommended and hygienic? Please suggest.

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2 days old, what should be used diapers or cotton nappies?

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    Both options are healthy and hygienic. It actually depends on you how well you can maintain. It is recommended to change nappies regularly to avoid any infection or rash. Infact, all babies can get nappy rash. There’s no significant difference in nappy rash between babies wearing disposables and babies wearing cloth nappies. The best way to avoid nappy rash is to change your baby’s nappy regularly. There are two most commonly discussed nappy types, Disposable, and Cloth nappies.
    Disposable nappies generally have a plastic outer layer, a layer of super-absorbent chemicals and an inner liner. They come in different packet sizes and are made for a range of ages. Disposable nappies are quick and easy to use and fasten. You’ll need up to 12 nappies a day for a newborn and 6-8 a day for a toddler. But this can vary.

    Cloth Nappies
    If you think you want to use cloth nappies for your baby, you’ll need around 20-24 nappies to start with, depending on your washing and drying routine, climate and season. It’s a good idea to try a few different types before you buy one type in bulk. Cloth nappies will be cheaper cost wise but washing them well will be an add on burden.
    So it is ideally, your personal choice on what you want to use, the selection does not have any impact on baby, till the time you maintain good hygiene.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back with follow-up questions.
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