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  1. Hi Hafeez welcome to Medimetry.Before elaborating the possible causes of stomach pain in your son I would like to have some information from you.Where exactly is this pain?In centre or sides?Is this pain related to food intake?If yes then does it come before meal intake or after?Are there other symptoms like nausea, vomiting,fever,loose motions or constipation?The possible causes of abdominal pain could be gastritis,food allergy,worm infestation or any gastrointestinal infection.You may give light easily digestible home made food presently ad avoid spicy food.For stomach pain you may give an antacid syrup half teaspoon 3 times a day.If pain persists get him examined.Please get back to me with information on your child's health.Take care and best wishes!
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    Thanks ma'am.Great full for your answer. Arti ma'am exactly uske pet ke Center me dard hota he.kisi bhi waqt chamak jaisa pain hota he....our kabhi khabhi chest pain ki problem batata he,yaha m,d ko bhi bataya,treatment ki per fark nahi he,. Aap ne jald jawab diya aapke waqt ka sukhriya.thanks a lot
  3. Hello Hafeez nice to hear back from you .You may give Antacid syrup as advised above for 3 days .Child having chest pain too so clinical examination along with tests like Xray chest and sonography abdomen may be needed.Get him examined.Write back to us after consultation.Take care !
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    Thanks again for ur time n answer! ?