10 months baby refuses formula milk suddenly

Hi doc..my 10 months baby was comfortable with formula milk nd bottle(started from 6 month)but  baby refuses formula milk suddenly. From last 1.5months hes stopped taking bottle with soup or with milk. Hes exclusively on bf. Which milk should i start now?

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  1. Hello Sunayana and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.The causes of refusal of bottle feeding/formula feeds can be any illness,ear infection,nose block in baby.Other causes are giving too much of solids and giving solids before giving milk which makes baby's stomach full.Are you making formula milk as directed?Too much of dilution or concentration can change the taste.If baby is still not taking formula milk then you may give goat's milk or cow's milk.Goats milk is defficient in few vitamins compared to cow's milk but it is easily digestible.You can choose either of this.If you think baby is not taking any milk,is fussy ,uncomfortable please visit a Paediatrician and get baby examined.I sincerely hope this information helps you.Keep me posted.Take care and best wishes!