1 month baby’s nose blocked .Please suggest.

Hello doctor, my 1 month and 28days old baby is suffering from nasal congestion n cough had been to d pediatrician twice got cough drops n nasal drops but its not helping. I tried applying warm mustard oil with garlic d coughing has reduce but still his nose blocked and chest is also heavy .pls help.





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  1. Hello Martina and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.An infant's immune system is immature and so is prone for respiratory infections and allergies. Your baby seems to be suffering from a viral respiratory infection.Keep a humdifier in baby's room to keep air moist.Elevate baby's head with the help of a crib mattress so that nasal secretions drain .A nasal aspirator may be used 30 seconds after instilling nasal drops to suck the sectetions at the tip of nostril.Breast feed baby more often and keep her well hydrated.If baby is having persistent nasal block with noisy breathing she may need nebulization with saline or bronchodilator depending on clinical examination findings.Get her reviewed again by a Paediatrician.I sincerely hope this information helped you.Keep us posted.Take care and regards!