Occupational Disease Management in India

Personalized healthcare for people who are prone to occupational diseases, such as in construction, jewellery, or in mining.

Custom Healthcare Services for Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases are a huge concern in local industries where the workers have no choice but to continue working in the unfavorable conditions. Although they take basic precautionary measures such as wearing masks or other wearables, there is no or little focus on their healthcare management.
MediMetry has a team of medical experts who identify the potential occupational hazards and devise a disease management plan for the affected people.

Occupation Specific Analysis

Our team speaks to the works to understand their working conditions, what precautions they take such as masks, eye glasses, or gloves, and if they take any specific diet to combat the occupational hazards. At this stage, we take their vitals for basic information, and prepare a data sheet to advise them accordingly.

Drug Compliance for Disease Management

We encourage safe working practices, including reducing sickness absence, long-term impact of failure to drug-compliance, and to support them with data for how they are recovering and doing better over a period or time. Our team includes physiotherapists to educate during our health programs, hygienists, and occupational therapists.


Your Health Status Data in Your Hands

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