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It's been four year having pain in chest. It's feels difficult to fall sleep. When I go for sleep my heart starts beating rapidly. When it's stops beating I woke up and I can't sleep any more and pain in back side of head. I also ...
family physician 1 Answer 253 views

I got hit on my face 6 months ago. I was not diagnosed with any major injury but there was huge swelling. That time doctor told me it will with time major swelling was gone but there is still some notice able swelling on the same ...
family physician 1 Answer 207 views

I'm having a sore on my buttocks near anus. But not in anus and its is bleeding frequently. It is growing and bleed. It is not fistula, piles or something. This wound is located on the surface of my buttocks. Suffering for the las...
family physician 1 Answer 225 views

Taking glycomet SR 500 1 tab daily after dinner since last 4 years.My Blood sugar remains 110 -120 fasting & 135-155 pp.Since last 4- 5 months having burning sensation on both foot sole.Feels uneasy while walking. My doctor says i...
family physician 1 Answer 260 views

Had viral 15 days back with body pain, high fever, coldand cough. Took antibiotics full dosage with sinarest lp. Then currently again got fever back with similar body pain, coldand cough. Had some fever and body pain medicine give...
family physician 1 Answer 218 views

I usually feel something unusual in at right hand side behind lower rib. This pain starts when I take dinner but it is continuing since 1 year. I am still suffering from depression due to this kind of pain. ...
family physician 1 Answer 250 views

Mom having hypothyroidism problem and got 2 years back severe stroke which got her left side clot in brain. Surgery was done and now She is left side paralyzed. She was fine but now her pulse dropping after 2 years. Her pulse is a...
family physician 1 Answer 178 views


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