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Hello doctor, a month ago i was diagnosed with jaundice. My bilirubin was 2.4 after a week it was 2.1 and after a week again it was 2.4 my last report was again from 2.1 to 2.3 . why is my bilirubin not going normal. Is this any s...
dietician 1 Answer 798 views

Respected Doctor, I am22 year old but still looking like an 18 year old. Having muscle weakness. I amvery thin and no muscles. Hard to stand and my body start shivering sometimes. Please help. ...
dietician 1 Answer 491 views

I amsuffering from chest pain. Sharp pain in middle of the chest or esophagus and shoulder blade. I always feel weak and there is too much weight lost in last 2 months from 60 kg to 50 kg. Have done all the test echo, chest ct sca...
dietician 1 Answer 388 views


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