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Hello, I'm suffering from shoulder immobility. I have been going to gym for like 3 months. From like a month ago, I'm experiencing some discomfort in my right shoulder. At first there was pain, but now there is no pain but i hear ...
physiotherapy 1 Answer 760 views

I'm suffering from cervical spondylosis. Due to that even the pain radiates to my left arm and even to the occipital area. I am undergoing physiotherapy but have not seen significant results. Please help! ...
physiotherapy 1 Answer 685 views

Since 2 weeks I am facing a lot of pain below neck areamostly while I put my head down or move it. Even while I move my shoulder up and down. I do exercises but it's not helping. While I wake up in morning it pains more but later ...
others 1 Answer 765 views