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Hello Doctor, There is an ear buzz in the right ear but it is not constantly . ENT said leave it, but headaches are increasing. I have chronic sinus headache also. Please suggest me something. ...
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Doctor, i have been using smokeless tobacco (khaini,jarda) for the past 12 years. From last few months, i have started feeling a stiffness in throat, which feels like some weight or lke someone is pressing my throat. I have a hist...
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Hi, I have problem of Nasal Odor, Post Nasal Drip & Halitosis since past two years. Earlier about 2 years ago, i only had breath but as time passed by, smell started to come from my nose too. The smell is always coming from my nos...
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Doctor, I have pain and itching in ears. I think while doing swimming, water went inside my left ear and didn't come out. Now, it is paining. Pain just started today morning. Can you recommend me some medicine to make it dry from ...
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