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Doctor, my mother is suffering from joint pain of wrist. Her hand and leg has swelled. In NCV report- Nerve system is blocked. In Arthritis report-it is Normal. Please suggest what to do? ...
physiotherapy 1 Answer 1656 views

I had an operation in my left femur bone. Doctor has inserted a titanium rod with 1 screw in bottom and 2 screw at the top. Now the doctor is saying that I need to remove the 2nd srew at the top as its called locking screw. Once i...
physiotherapy 1 Answer 568 views

My grandma is 76 years age and she suddenly felt down. When she felt down she fall by sitting position. So, She can't able to sit and walk because of back pain. She has back pain when sitting, but not in sleeping position. Please ...
physiotherapy 1 Answer 660 views