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Hello Doctor, Before 8 days, in the right side of mouth there is whitish circle. So i took medicine for 7 days and also using mouth gargles antiseptic. But didn't relief and i didn't feel any pain in this area. But i boggle its or...
oncology 1 Answer 712 views

Dear doctor, I am co2 retainer. I use auto bipap overnight. Last week, in morning my co2 level gone very high up to pco2 96. I was taken to doctor, as i was unconscious with high temperature and low blood pressure. What could be t...
others 1 Answer 587 views

Hello Doctor my15 yr's son diagnosed with Hodgkin s lymphoma 3rd stage last year. now he is completed his chemotherapy in Jan, but after pet scan lymph nodes are present.25%. now please suggest me better treatment. ...
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