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Video/Phone consult with experienced Sexologists .

Your sexual life matters. Get expert advice on all Sexological issues from privacy of your home.

What We Treat

· Erectile Dysfunction

· Premature Ejaculation

· Chlamydia

· Gonorrhea

· Skin Rash Near Genital Area

· PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

· Herpes

· Vaginosis

· HPV/Genital Warts

· Genital Bumps & Lumps

· Other STDs & STIs

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Recent Queries.

Hi doctor, My penis size is very small like a child. I don't know what to do for it. Please suggest me some medicine or oil to improve the size. ...
sexology 1 Answer 605 views

Respected sir / mam, i was now 22 year old I'm so weak in physical,and also my pennies not grow up to my age still little in size and not opening skins fully and i feel bad guilty. sometimes please help me. give some suggestions.p...
sexology 1 Answer 378 views

My husband has low sexual desire, he does not get involve for sex.In 4 months had sex just 4 times and even in that he took pill of viagra. He says Iam fit, but don't feel for you. Iam not getting whats the issue. ...
sexology 1 Answer 449 views

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