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Recent Queries.

I am 32 year old body builder. Tried testosterone for gaining muscle and strength and didn't faced any issue. This time i used deca durabolin 100mg injection and after that i have moon face and swelling in palm and ankles, oedema ...
family physician 1 Answer 12 views

Good morning doctor, I have mild visible chin twitching on left chin from 3 days. It's not felt but I can see. Few months had twitches on left lip cone. They disappeared after few weeks. Is it something to worry about? Thank you....
family physician 1 Answer 7 views

2 years ago, I had hair fall problem and my pubic hair was also falling. It didn't work any medicine, so some doctors told me to test thyroid and I tested and my t3 , t4 was normal but TSH was 11.3. So doctor prescribed me Thyrox...
family physician 1 Answer 6 views

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