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MediMetry is Standardizing evidence based chronic disease management by working into semi-urban & rural areas.

We are trying to make healthcare a hastle-free experience for you.

MediMetry works with the community for a full cycle chronic disease management by partnering with the established doctors and consultants, and pharmacy, across rural & suburban areas. We are committed to educate the affected people - patients and their families to make the right adjustments in their lifestyle, to stick to the advised medication by regular follow up and video calls with our experts.

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Kanwara Kalan



Our Medical Team

Doctor 4

Dr. Bhawana Tyagi

B.D.S. & Dental Surgeon

Doctor 9

Dr. Reema Sompal

D.G.O. Gynaecology

Doctor 8

Dr. Shruti Thar

D.G.O. Gynaecology

Doctor 2

Dr. Aditya Dhwale

M.D. Cardiology

Doctor 3

Dr. Vikas Moun

M.D. Psychiatry

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