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Our Story

The Challenges: Awareness, Access, and Affordability

When Krishan Tyagi and his two associates started visiting a few villages to know the state of chronic disease management awareness. the results were unbelievable. People do not know the impact of taking medicines from local and uneducated doctors, and there are little or no instructions on precautions and lifestyle changes. Likewise, the workers in local industry do not know the occupational hazards, and the risks involved.

The Promise

The team was inspired to form MediMetry and the core team of doctors envision that people get high-quality healthcare consultation in their own locations, by direct video calls. We aspire for disease management, by wellness coaching in the entire patient-journey.

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The Trust

Our services framework works on top of the core telemedicine model. In every operational area, we have set up pocket clinics where our trained clinic sanchalaks meet and advise patients and connect them with our doctors.

The human presence is a massive positive to develop the trust and the growing list of patients who are seeing the results in disease management is a huge reward for us.

People Who Matter

The Leadership


Krishan Tyagi


Dr. Abhishek Chaudhary

Medical Director
Dr. Bhawana

Dr. Bhawana Tyagi


Vinish Garg

Chief Marketing Officer