Yoga and Meditation - Lose Pregnancy Pouch

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Yoga and Meditation – Lose Pregnancy Pouch

Yoga and Meditation – Lose Pregnancy Pouch

“Birth is not only about making babies. It’s about redeveloping mothers”.

Motherhood is no doubt a fulfilling phase of a woman’s life associated with emotions and stress. It is a sudden 360-degree change and some fall trap to depression postpartum. Try meditation, it will relieve you from stress you may have related to your changing body and playing a new role of a new mom.  Meditation is an important principle of yoga. Initially, start out simply by focusing on your breath.

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Yoga and meditation makes recovery quicker

Yoga and meditation can play a major role in relaxing your mind and helping you build an internal calm irrespective of whether you had vaginal delivery or a C-section delivery. Yoga helps you balance your old and new life. It supports in managing emotions you are experiencing and develops strength to take care of yourself along with your baby. Doctors will advise you to avoid yoga postures for the first six months after delivery. But you can begin with meditation and pranayama once you are comfortable to sit in the required posture. Gradually when your body is ready for next level of exercises, you can practice Sun Salutations, Padma Sadhana and Sudarshan Kriya just for 20 minutes whenever your baby is sleeping. All these practices through the day help you stay refreshed and energized.

Say bye to post-delivery weight gain with yoga

It’s a tough time for you after pregnancy to deal with its after effects such as weight gain, sagging muscles, joint pain, fatigue, backache, hormonal imbalance, weakness and high blood pressure due to some deficiency. Meditate in a quite room, in a comfortable posture; focus your attention on your breaths. This will relieve you from any kind of stress. Practicing asanas in yoga (Padma Sadhana and Surya Namaskar) after six months will help you in effective lose weight.

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