Is it safe to have X-Ray during pregnancy?

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Is it safe to have X-Ray during pregnancy?

Is it safe to have X-Ray during pregnancy?

Safe or not, X-ray is sometimes crucial even during pregnancy! It actually depends on the type of X-ray you are going to have and on the intensity of radiations you’re going to be exposed to that decides whether it is harmful or not. “Rads” are the measuring unit of the strength of X-rays or in simpler terms, “Rads” depicts the amount of radiation your body is exposed to.

Risk to your baby is directly proportional to the level of radiations.

An unborn baby should not be exposed to more than 10 rads as it can increase the risk of disabilities and eye problems.

Most of the X-rays are weaker than this. It’s rare if any X-ray is stronger than five rads. So it’s a myth that exposure to X-rays during pregnancy can cause Cancer; it completely depends on the exposure amount.

Here is the list of some common X-rays and the amount of rads emitted in them-

Consider (1 rad = 1,000 millirads)

  • 01 millirads in dental X-ray
  • 60 millirads in chest X-ray
  • 290 millirads in abdominal X-ray
  • 800 millirads in computerized tomography (CT) scan

Although the risk from X-rays is low, but during pregnancy your doctor may advise you to postpone X-rays if possible. But there is nothing to worry if your doctor feels X-rays are required owing to your present medical situation. It is always safer to inform your radiographer that you are pregnant so he/she can properly shield you.

If your work place is near to the radiations, then talk to your employer about ways to lessen or eliminate your exposure. In such situations, you can also wear a special film badge to monitor the amount of radiation received. These badges will check continuously to make sure you and your baby are safe. If you are already receiving radiation for cancer treatment before pregnancy, talk to your oncologist about the impact of radiation on your baby.

On the normal course, during pregnancy your baby is exposed to sun and earth natural radiations which is equivalent to 100 millirads. So, it’s a very rare case that your baby may get affected by X- rays. But why take risks, so always follow your doctor’s recommendations about X-Rays.

Share this article with a pregnant friend and help her understand that X-rays may or may not be harmful, it all depends on the amount of radiations pregnant women’s body is exposed to!