What to pack in hospital bag? - A Checklist

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What to pack in hospital bag? – A Checklist

What to pack in hospital bag? – A Checklist

Big day is approaching- Are you ready with your complete hospital bag for this big day?

Sometimes in the hustle-bustle you might forget something important, it is ideal to keep the hospital bag ready well before time. Once you have completed your 34 weeks of pregnancy, start packing your maternity bag, so that you’re ready to go as soon as your baby is ready to arrive. Prefer to pack two bags, one for you and your partner and another one for your coming baby.

Here are some suggestions for you to make a checklist and make sure you go through it before leaving the house for the hospital.

  1. Document folder including – Your maternity records, ID proof, important numbers of your doctor, hospital and near one’s.
  2. For your bag :
  • One or two old night-dress or Tshirt to wear during labor. It will probably get messy, so avoid new one to wear in hospital.
  • Loose gowns and front-opening dresses for comfortable breastfeeding.
  • A few pairs of cotton undergarments.
  • Heavy duty sanitary pads for use, after delivery.
  • A shawl and a pair of warm socks.
  • Comfortable Slippers.
  • Breast pads & nursing bras.
  • Clean Towels, the hospital will definitely provide for your needs with tissues, but it is always useful to have 2-3 medium and big towels handy.
  • Set of lotions, toothpaste, massage oil, brushes, combs, clips, deodorant, creams, lip balm etc.
  • Your mobile phone and charger.
  • An outfit to wear home.
  1. For your baby bag:
  • 3 full-body sleep suits and going home outfits.
  • Socks, mittens, quilt and hat; if weather is cold.
  • Enough number of infant diapers.
  • Baby Wipes, soaps and towels.
  1. For your partner:
  • Snacks or eatables.
  • His phone, camera and charger.
  • A change of clothing & toiletries.

Besides these items, preferably leave your jewelry at home. Be calm and lastly, good luck for your day!

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