Water – The essential liquid!

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Water – The essential liquid!

Water – The essential liquid!

Water is the most essential liquid of our lives and should be consumed in abundant quantity every day. The “abundance” is relative from person to person and varies based on an individual’s needs. In addition to being an essential fluid of our daily lives, water has many qualities. A glass of water can help lose weight and nourish skin, that too at no cost. Isn’t it amazing, just drink one glass of water before every meal and see changes in your body in few days time!

1. Lose Weight

A glass of water before every meal can help you lose that extra fat. There have been many researches done which have confirmed the fact that drinking water before a meal leads to less absorption of calories during the meal. The reasoning could be that once you have had a glass of water, you would end up eating lesser quantity of food and hence help your body with only the required amount of calories instead of excess calories. Also by having a glass of water you are choosing a healthy option instead of a calorie loaded drink.

2. Nourish Skin

Lots of water in your body can help nourish the skin better. It can rejuvenate the dry cells in the skin and help you get rid of the dry skin. Dehydration can be bad for the skin. Irrespective of the weather, you should drink good amount of water just for the sake of keeping yourself and your skin hydrated.

3. Energize & Rejuvenate your day

In addition to the above two benefits of water, a glass of water at regular intervals throughout the day and especially just before the meals helps you feel energetic and rejuvenate the body. This could be a good start of the day and keep you energy-boosted throughout the 24 hours. It also helps every organ and system of your body to function properly.

Drink lots of water every day to keep yourself energized throughout the day and show off that glow on your skin!!