Thinking of family planning? - Using CopperT

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Thinking of family planning? – Using CopperT

Thinking of family planning? – Using CopperT

Need a gap before second baby or we two and our two is enough? Intrauterine device (IUD)is one of the effective contraception options available in the market.

A copper intrauterine device is a small and flexible plastic device, with copper wire wrapped around its stem. The IUD is easily and quickly positioned inside the uterus by a doctor, and it helps keep a check on pregnancy. This device is about 99% effective. It is for those women who want long – term and reliable contraceptive. It helps in delaying pregnancy for up to three or five or even ten years, in some cases.

How does it Work?

Once the CopperT is placed inside the uterus, the copper ions produced acts spermicidal, killing the sperms and stopping them from fertilizing the egg.

When you should avoid a Copper IUD?

  • If you have not conceived in your past.
  • If you are having multiple sex partners and not practicing safe sex.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you are having pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
  • If you are opting for hormonal contraception.
  • If you are having treatment for cervical cancer.

What problems could be expected?

  • If you haven’t had vaginal deliveries, IUD may be difficult to place in.
  • Your periods will fluctuate, may be heavier, longer or more painful.
  • There is a rare possibility of getting a pelvic infection (PID).
  • The device can occasionally push out of uterus, without you noticing. This happens in five out of 100 women with a heavy period.
  • Sometimes pregnancy can still occur with an IUD in place, in such a case, the device should be immediately removed.

Before deciding to go for Copper T, you should consult a doctor and weigh all pros & cons of using Copper T as contraception.

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