Ultrasound during Pregnancy

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Ultrasound during Pregnancy

Ultrasound during Pregnancy

It is a common practice to get an ultrasound during pregnancy as well as as part of the prenatal care. Infact the doctors themselves recommend to get this scanning done. Earlier, there was only a 2D scan but now there are options available for 3D and 4D scans too. This article explores in detail why ultrasound is required and also clarifies some myths surrounding the safety of such scans.

Why is Ultrasound required?

Before even getting an ultrasound, prospective parents would surely like to know why it is required, and what purpose does it fulfill? Here is the answer to this question:

This ultrasound scan process helps identify the heartbeat of the baby during the early stages of pregnancy. As the pregnancy proceeds, it is used to confirm the baby’s position inside the womb, general health, anatomy, and growth. It is also useful in confirming if there are chances of early labor and delivery.

Who should do it?

There are qualified sonographers who perform this scanning process.

How does it work?

The sonographer will apply a liquid gel on your belly and move the transducer over the belly to generate the image of your baby on the machine display. The technology behind this is use of high-frequency sound waves which are sent through your womb. These waves bounce off the baby’s body and are generated into understandable images by the ultrasound scanner machine. This helps you see the baby’s position as well as movements.

The sonographers are qualified to interpret these images and confirm the normal growth of the baby. Usually the bones or any hard tissues show up in white colour, the softer tissues show up in grey colour, while the your body fluid in which the baby lies shows up as black because the sound waves pass through it without bouncing back.

Now the most important question:

Is Ultrasound safe?

Ultrasound scans have been used for monitoring the progress of baby’s growth since decades. No complications whatsoever have been confirmed regarding the impact of these scans on either mother or baby’s health. There are no concrete proofs about these scans being harmful. The scan is considered to be inherent part of prenatal care without any risks for the mother or baby’s health.

You should consult your doctor and go for an ultrasound scan if recommended by the doctor. Also visit only the qualified ultrasound clinics for the scanning. The doctor will also tell you the number of times, this scan should be done. Though usually, it is done twice or thrice during the pregnancy. But in case of any complications observed during the 9 months, such as vaginal bleeding, spotting etc may prompt your doctor to recommend additional ultrasound scans.

The bottom-line is that the ultrasound scans are safe and do not have any impact on mother or baby’s health. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and go for the scanning process without any inhibitions.

Would you not want to have the first sonogram image of your baby? It is indeed exciting to own the first sonogram of your baby!

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