How to treat your back pain?

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How to treat your Back Pain?

How to treat your Back Pain?

Are you troubled by back pain? Worry not, here are some remedies to get rid of that dreadful back pain! Come on, read on and try these out!

Treatment of back pain depends on since when you are in pain, intensity and your needs and preferences. Pain could be constant or sudden, mild or unbearable. Depending on these parameters, treatments for back pain are decided.

There is a famous saying that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. We must include some doings in our routine to stay away from it.

Here are some ways to banish back pain:

Keep moving: One of the most effectual ways to keep back pain away from you is to follow a regular exercise/walk routine. This strengthens muscles that support your back.

Try to remain calm and positive: During stress, you could internalize your anxiety thattighten your muscles. This leads to lower back pain and also may make existing aches worse.

Switch on the tunes: Opt for music that calms you, as it releases positive hormones and can also activate emotional responses that dull your brain’s ability to process pain.

Use a beach ball: When you have to sit for a long time. Fill the ball with air about halfway and place it behind your lower back, in the curve at waist level.

Keep a check on your postures: Make sure your ears are in line with your shoulders; your chest is opened by pulling your shoulder blades downward and toward each other.

Besides the points highlighted above, there are some useful exercises and yoga poses which can be practiced to get relief from back pain. Here are some stretches that will help manage your lower back pain on daily basis.

Knee to Chest Stretch: Keep neck and shoulders relaxed as you pull your knee to your chest.

Side Stretches: Lie down straight, bend your knees, move them together in both sides, and remain there for 5-10 seconds.

Back Stretch while Sitting: This stretch works on your core muscles; the stronger core is, the more it protects your back from strain and pain. Repeat these stretches twice a day.

Hamstring Stretch: This stretch works on back of thighs and required you to feel tension in your hamstring while performing the exercise.

There are some yoga poses for lower back pain that will relieve your pain effectively.

Kati Uttanasana, Markat Asana, Makarasana.

In addition to proper exercise, right sleeping posture can play a crucial role in preventing as well as curing back pain.

Sleeping Postures

Here are some postures which help you avoid back pain or get some relief if you are suffering from back pain:

Sleep on your side – Right or left is your choice. Fold and bring your legs towards chest. Keep a pillow between your legs to keep the posture right.

Sleep on your back – In addition to a thin pillow under your head, place a pillow under your knees.

Sleep on your stomach – Usually this is the worst position and for back but if you cannot avoid it, then place a pillow under your pelvis and abdomen. But if possible avoid sleeping on stomach.

Another important aspect is to get up right from the bed. Many of us make this mistake of suddenly waking up and end up having a back pain. The right way is to:

Roll on your side

Bend your knees

Drop feet to side of the bed

Sit with force from both arms

Move to the bed’s edge

Stand up with conscious effort of keeping the back in neutral position

Hope these exercises and sleeping positions help you avoid the deadly back pain.

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