Avoiding travel during pregnancy?

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Avoiding travel during pregnancy?

Avoiding travel during pregnancy?

You don’t have to change your travel plans just because you’re pregnant. You can travel as long as you feel comfortable and everything is normal. Expecting women with normal pregnancy are not prohibited from travelling by airplane, four-wheelers, train but you need to be cautious. Here are some easy steps you can take to make your trip more comfortable.

If you are travelling by car, remember:

  • Always wear your seat belt; across your lower lap and not over the abdomen.
  • If you are sitting in front of an air bag, move the seat as far back as possible, and lean it back slightly to extend the distance between your chest and the air bag.
  • Try to wear compression stockings to maintain blood circulation on time-consuming journeys.
  • If your back aches, place a cushion or rolled-up jumper in the undersized of your back when you sit down.
  • Take bathroom breaks and short walks after regular intervals.
  • Always remember to carry ample water and snacks for the journey.

If you are travelling by air, the safest period to travel is during your second trimester (18 to 24 weeks), when the risks for miscarriage and preterm labor are least.

  • Check with the airline, as some airlines do not allow women more than 35 weeks pregnant to fly.
  • Drink more than usual water when flying.
  • Carry your medical records with you.
  • When in flight, continue your seat belt fastened as much as possible in case of instability.
  • Do some simple stretches, will help to minimise swelling, heartburn and leg cramps.
  • Take some walks while on a long flight.

Do consult your doctor before planning a trip. Also keep their contact details handy to ensure you can consult via phone. Do not worry, just observe little extra precautions and enjoy your travel!

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