Tired of Cracked Nipples?

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Tired of Cracked Nipples?

Tired of Cracked Nipples?

Cracked nipples always happen because your baby isn’t latching on well. If your baby can’t take enough mouthful of breast tissue, your nipple may become compressed between baby’s tongue and hard palate. This will make your nipples sore, cracked and may bleed. Moreover, having very dry skin or eczema, irritants in a cream, lotion, soap or perfume, washing detergent left on your clothes can also origin cracked, sore and bleeding nipples.

Some home remedies are:-

1. Breast Milk:- Breast milk has antibacterial and healing properties that help treat sore nipples. Apply a small amount of breast milk on the affected nipple before and after breastfeeding.

2. Warm Compress:- The heat from the compress can help in discomfort and help healing.

3. Oil Massage:- Sore nipples can also be treated by massaging with oils like olive oil, coconut or sweet almond oil. The moisturizing property of these oils will reduce dryness and will reduce the trouble of cracks, tears or chapping.

4. Aloe Vera:- It has natural healing powers as well as pain-relieving properties. Apply this fresh gel on the affected areas and allow it to dry on its own.

5. Basil Leaves:- Wash some basil leaves and grind them into a paste. Apply this paste on top of the nipples and allow it to air dry. Wash off the paste before feeding your baby.

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