10 tips for happy meal times - feeding your toddler

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10 tips for happy meal times – feeding your toddler

10 tips for happy meal times – feeding your toddler

It’s a most common complaint regarding toddlers that they are less interested in food than they were as babies. This is because of the reason that toddlers grow more slowly than babies with smaller appetites. Toddlers want to be independent; their movement skills are developing, so they usually say ‘no’ to food. Follow below suggested tips to make the process of feeding your toddler easy:

  1. Let them decide how much to eat
  • Healthy children will eat only when they are hungry and also will not starve themselves by refusing food.
  • But they do not know which foods are good for them; you just need to offer them a variety of healthy foods.
  1. Make food and eating fun
  • Make the meal times relaxed and happy.
  • Eat meals with your child, but in separate plates. Also do not encourage eating from each other’s plates.
  • Serve meals and snacks in a fun and attractive way.
  1. Be patient and calm
  • Remove uneaten food without getting irritated. But teach them to take smaller portions and take repetitively rather than wasting food by taking large quantity at once.
  • The less bother you make about food the better.
  1. Offer meals and snacks regularly
  • Offer food before your toddler gets too tired or hungry.
  • Don’t worry if your toddler refuses, again offer after some while.
  1. Offer small serves
  • Avoid plate piled high with food.
  • Allow toddlers to ask for more.
  1. Offer them different choices
  • Offer a choice of no more than two foods and allow them to make a choice.
  • If they have made a choice and refuse to eat it, wait until the next meal time.
  1. Keep offering new foods 
  • Toddlers need to try out a food 10 times or more before they like it.
  • Try changing appearance, taste or texture of food for variety.
  1. Fads are normal
  • Many toddlers have times when they only want to eat particular foods – this is normal and won’t last forever.
  1. Remove distractions
  • Most toddlers are easily distracted (like by TV, pets, etc) .
  1. Avoid negative food messages
  • Avoid using food rewards, bribes and punishments. These may work for a while but gradually it might not be good learnings for your kid in the long term.

Remember, parents need to decide what type of food is to be offered and it is up to your child to decide how much to eat.

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