Third Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

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Third Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

Third Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

The third trimester is the most sleep challenged phase of pregnancy. But your sleep should always be a priority. According to various researches it’s proven that pregnant women who take less than six hours of sleep may experience longer labors and are prone to have Cesarean sections than those women who get enough sleep.

Third Trimester Sleep Challenges-

  • Back Pain, Muscle Aches and General Discomfort. These pains are due to the soften ligaments and loosen joints as your body is preparing for the birth.
  • Night Waking. Waking up multiple times may interrupt the necessary sleep cycles.
  • Snoring. You may start snoring because of nasal obstruction, and your body’s growing circumference. It can also hike your blood pressure.
  • Leg Cramps and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Crawling or pain in feet, calf or upper leg is some obstacles in your sleep. These are due to iron or folic acid or calcium deficiency.
  • Frequent Urination. Like first trimester, urination frequency increases, as your uterus grows larger which pressurizes the bladder.


  • Sleep on your left side. This posture enhances the blood flow to the fetus and kidneys. Put pillow between your knees, below your belly and to support your back. Stretch frequently and do abdominal exercises.
  • Eat fortified grains and green leafy vegetables. Eat iron rich food plus avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks. If you get a cramp in your leg, unbend your leg and bend your foot upwards before going to bed.
  • Regular checkup. If you snore, get monitored your blood pressure and urine protein.
  • Curtail liquids in the evening. This will also reduce bathroom visits.
  • Have a pre bedtime leg massage and a warm bath. This helps your body to relax and hence sleep well.
  • Evening walks also help your relax. Some physical activity tires your body so you can get sound sleep.

Now it is not long before you will be holding your bundle of joy in your hands. You can read more and make an informed choice between vaginal delivery and c-section, if your doctor has not recommended one for you yet.

Watch out this space for updates on fourth trimester sleeping challenges!

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