Is it normal to have swelling during pregnancy?

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Is it normal to have swelling during pregnancy?

Is it normal to have swelling during pregnancy?

Yes it is, especially around 20th week of pregnancy. Right now, you might be wondering that not only your tummy is growing, but you may also experience some puffiness or swelling throughout your body, mostly in your feet and ankles. This is Edema, when your body tissues retain more fluid, leading to swelling. This condition usually ends with delivery.

Here are answers to some queries that you may have; Why do I experience this puffiness?

A range of factors contribute to foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy-

  • Body retains extra fluid during pregnancy.
  • Standing or sitting or be in one position for long durations.
  • Expanding uterus pressure raises the veins, which effects blood supply.
  • Having diet with less potassium.
  • Consuming caffeine or sodium rich foods.

When should you worry about swelling?

Some swelling is normal; however, if you experience sudden or severe swelling in your hands and your face, it symbolizes that you have pre-eclampsia. If swelling occurs only in single leg, or when your calf appears red in color, lumpy and tender, it could be due to blood clots. It is essential to contact your doctor about any sudden swelling.

When will it go away?

Usually, this puffiness and swelling disappears within 24 hours of delivery. Be patient! Remember, Edema is a temporary situation that will vanish soon after you give birth to the baby. In the meanwhile, Do Not Worry too much, relax while you can!

May be someone you know is really concerned about her swelling. Perhaps it may be a thumbs up from her !