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Hic Hic Hic – How to stop irritating hiccups?

Hic Hic Hic – How to stop irritating hiccups?

Hiccups can get really irritating and unavoidable when they interfere in an interesting conversation or just keep on going endlessly irrespective of trying multiple solutions. You must have heard or tried some funny remedies to stop hiccups, like holding your breath. But hiccups are related to digestive disturbances and because of which your abdomen sends signal to your brain via the vagus nerve. Sometimes the best solution to stop hiccups is to ignore them. Because by doing so you send a signal to brain that something more important is happening in the body that requires attention, and gradually the hiccups end.

The usual tricks include holding your breath, and drinking lot of water. Let’s explore some other common yet funny tricks to stop hiccups:

1. Scare yourself

It sounds abrupt and funny but this remedy is based on a simple concept that your mind deviates to taking care of the scary situation and ultimately forgets about the hiccups.

2. Fill your mouth with sugar

Eat a teaspoonful of sugar and try to place it towards the end part of the tongue. This overloading will help stop the hiccups.

3. Stick out the tongue

Sticking out the tongue will create an abnormal pose for the body to do hiccups and hence gradually they will stop.

4. Create a tickling effect

Tickling sensation will help your mind divert from the hiccups and help concentrate on the ticking.

5. Eat antacid

Consume antacids which contain magnesium as the consumption of minerals can help in stopping hiccups.

Try these simple tricks to stop hiccups and get rid of the irritating hic hic hic!