Watch out for Sticky eye in babies – Eye Infection!

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Watch out for Sticky eye in babies – Eye Infection!

Watch out for Sticky eye in babies – Eye Infection!

Sticky eye is the consequence of a blocked tear duct. In this, your little one may get a white or yellow colored discharge at the corners of the eyes. Sticky eye generally appears within the first 24 hours after birth. Sometimes, due to heavy discharge the baby’s eyes can appear ‘glued’ shut. Generally, sticky eye is not a serious problem and can be treated at home. But, baby’s eyes are so tender, you should not take any risk, it might be a bacterial eye infection and may need medical treatment. Please note that Sticky Eyes is not Conjunctivitis.

Causes of sticky eye

A baby get sticky eye when a tear duct is blocked, due to amniotic fluid or skin cells. Because of that sticky discharge eyelids stick together.

Preventive measures

Sticky eye condition cannot be prevented as it occurs when your baby is born with a blocked tear duct. Generally, tear ducts open up and start draining within the first few months after birth. If it doesn’t open naturally, then it is opened by doctor with a fine probe under anesthesia after the age of one year.


Mostly, sticky eye can be treated at home. Take cotton dampened in saline solution,and then gently wipe your child’s eye from the inner corner to the outer one. Use a fresh cotton ball for each wipe. If you have bathed the eye open, dry it through a dry cotton ball. Repeat this process each time when you feed your baby. Sticky eye caused by bacteria will be treated with antibiotic eye drops only so it is advised to consult your doctor before starting any home treatment.

If baby’s sticky eye gets worse with home treatment, take the baby to the doctor, as this could be a sign of bacterial infection.

Stay tuned to MediMetry for updates on eye infections affecting your baby!

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