Correct Standing Posture during Pregnancy

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Correct Standing Posture during Pregnancy

Correct Standing Posture during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it’s essential to adjust your body the best way to stand, sit, walk, lie and drive in such a way that won’t hurt your back. This is a feature series of posture blogs focusing on the steps to be taken to keep accurate posture during your pregnancy. Starting with some tips on the correct ways of standing while expecting a baby.

What is the accurate posture of standing during pregnancy?

  • Always stand straight. Hold your head up and keep your chin leveled with ground without tilting your head any side. (Just imagine that something is attached to the middle of your head and someone is pulling you up toward the ceiling).
  • Your ear lobes should be in line with the middle of your both shoulders.
  • Drop your shoulders naturally. Through your shoulder blades backward and your chest frontward.
  • Don’t lock your knees. Spread your weight out over your entire foot, not just on heels only.
  • Gently pull your belly in and up. Do not lean your pelvis ahead or backward. Try to keep your buttocks pulled in.
  • Point your feet one direction, so as to balance your weight evenly on both feet. Support your feet with low-heeled (not flat) shoes to avoid stress on your back.
  • Prefer not to stand in one position for a long time.
  • If you are required to stand for long time, then get the height of your work table adjusted to a comfortable level (if possible). Try to rest your one foot on a stool or box and after some time switch on to another foot and keep changing in every 10 minutes.


Along with standing , you are required to learn more about sitting , driving and bending. Stay tuned for tips on correct postures for sitting, driving and bending during pregnancy! Coming Soon!


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