Tips to Plan Smarter Babies

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Tips to Plan Smarter Babies

Tips to Plan Smarter Babies

As a parent we want our child(ren) to be healthy, beautiful, intelligent and proactive. Well! The list to have smarter babies is endless but the question arises “how is it possible”. Umpteen researches have been done to find out the ways by which babies can be extraordinary intelligent and smarter. All this begins in the womb. Whatever a mother perceives, sees, thinks, eats and drinks, all these activities have major impact on the growth of the baby whether it is physical growth or cognitive development.

Let’s throw some light on the ways to have smarter babies.


Staying calm and keeping relaxed will keep you away from the stress. If your stress levels are under control, you will be able to concentrate more on your baby’s overall development. Further, your own blood pressure will be under control and you will be able to keep up the good health throughout your pregnancy. Your hormones will function normally.

Take plenty of fluids and exercise regularly to keep yourself calm and relaxed. By maintaining a regular fitness regime, you will stay both fit and healthy and your baby will also be active.

Healthy Diet

Whatever diet the mother intakes has a direct effect on the baby. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a baby needs to grow at every developmental stage will be taken from the food supplements that you are taking. Ideally you should be focusing on the following food supplements in your diet in order to have smarter babies.

Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, and fish oil & supplements, and eggs. You must also take flaxseed grain for enhanced cognitive development.

Having yogurt will aid digestion because of the probiotic bacteria present in them. Yogurt is highly rich in protein and calcium for correct bone formation for your baby.

Having food highly rich in iron will not cause Anaemia in both, fatigue or have cardiovascular stress. Including salad and other natural dietary supplements and also lean chicken (to boost oxygen supply to your baby), take multivitamins as recommended by your gynecologist. You save from problems like low birth weight, premature delivery and infant mortality.

Super foods especially antioxidants rich foods like papaya, tomatoes, spinach, and red beans will reduce the risk of cell damage and help in tissue formation. Immune system also strengthens.

Stay away from junk food and stick to a healthy diet chart both during pre and post pregnancy.

smarter babies

Music & Entertainment

It is not uncommon to observe that whenever a mother listens to some music, the baby starts kicking inside the stomach. Great, isn’t it! Whatever mode of entertainment you choose will keep both you and your baby relaxed and you can have jovial and smarter babies. Start singing lullabies and feel the difference!

Personal Bonding

The best ways to bond personally with your baby is to start calling them by name, have brief conversations with your baby in calm environment, communicate to your baby that its parents love them and through your neuron cells and voice recognition techniques, you can have a strong bond with your baby.

Touch Simulation

By doing activities like patting your baby, rubbing your hand over the stomach, and gently massaging your stomach will convey that personal touch to your baby. The chances are you will have emotionally stronger babies after birth.

As a mother, it becomes your soul responsibility to focus on every aspect of your baby’s development and take care of the essential while it is still in the womb to have smarter babies.

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