Sleeping Tips for Final trimester

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Sleeping Tips for Final trimester

Sleeping Tips for Final trimester

It is commonly said & recommended to pregnant women that sleep while you can because once the baby is out, sleeping will be the last thing on your mind!

Sleeping disorder is common post pregnancy but many women experience sleeping problems even during pregnancy tenure. Though each trimester comes with its own sleep issues, but it is the third trimester which troubles the most as the baby weight goes up and it is difficult to sleep in one posture for long time.

Here are some Sleeping Tips for Final Trimester:

Consumption of Nutritional Foods before bedtime

Though you are eating nutritious diet all day long, but drinking a warm glass of milk before bed time could help get some easy sleep. Also food items high in carbohydrates content help you get some sleep. Have a bland snack like cracker before you sleep. This also avoids morning nauseas.

Disciplined exercise routine

Follow a disciplined exercise routine as it not only helps you remain physically active but also helps you get tired so you sleep easily at night.


Try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, these help you put your mind at ease and relax your muscles. If you feel very anxious then trying relaxation techniques can help you relax and sleep comfortably.

Use Pillows

Since your body weight has gone up, it becomes difficult to sleep in specific positions. It is recommended to use extra pillows and sit or lie down in a comfortable position with help of extra pillows.

Avoid heavy meals, or drinking too much liquid before bedtime

Heavy meals can cause heartburns and should be completely avoided by pregnant ladies. Also one should avoid drinking too much fluid just before bedtime. It is recommended that fluid consumption should be spread during the day.

Try to have a sound sleep in your third trimester as sleep helps you relax and rejuvenate your body with energy for the next day!

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