Signs of Iron Deficiency

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Signs of Iron Deficiency

Signs of Iron Deficiency

Have you noticed fatigue, tiredness, poor stamina, and brittle nails lately?

These could be the symptoms indicating iron deficiency in your body. Though iron deficiency is not so easy to detect and usually goes undetected until it reaches a critical stage. But it could be harmful and also lead to severe anemic conditions as it worsens further.

Here are some symptoms of iron deficiency, which could help you detect iron deficiency in your body:

  1. Fatigue

Iron content in the body is used to create hemoglobin which is the substance present in your blood and acts as the carrier of oxygen. So if iron content is less, production of hemoglobin would be less, which would lead to unhealthy blood cells. This could be the reason behind your fatigue and feeling of exhaustion.

  1. Breathlessness

The breathlessness could happen at any time, while you are working out or when you are walking up the stairs. This happens because there is not enough iron in the blood and body starts starving for oxygen and hence the breathlessness!

  1. Poor stamina

Your endurance level and stamina could also suffer because of iron deficiency. If you were able to walk more rounds while jogging but are struggling now, it could be because of iron deficiency. Observe your stamina for few days to make sure this is indeed a problem.

  1. Dizziness

Dizziness can be caused because of many reasons, and one of the reasons could be iron deficiency. Lack of iron could lead to low oxygen level in the blood and hence the dizziness.

  1. Pale Skin

Reduced number of healthy blood cells and poor oxygen level in the blood could lead to paler skin. It is not a good sign for health of the body in longer term.

  1. Sore Muscle

Iron deficiency in the body could lead to ache in the muscles, this happens because iron deficiency does not support easy recovery of muscles.

  1. Brittle Nails

Are you worried about brittle nails which are difficult to hide? These brittle nails could be an indication of iron-deficiency and should not be ignored. This problem could be visible in fingernails and toenails.

  1. Frequent infections

Do you get ill very frequently; especially do you get respiratory problems very often? The reason behind these could be iron-deficiency.

  1. Chest Pain

If you experience frequent chest pain, and all the above symptoms are a match then you should consult your doctor for iron-deficiency.

  1. Pink or red urine

Iron deficiency could lead to enhanced absorption of selected pigments. For eg. If you eat beet root and excrete pink or red urine, this could indicate iron-deficiency.

If you observe symptoms from the above list, better consult your doctor immediately.

You should consult a doctor and take proper treatment rather than taking the path of self medication. Because only a doctor can suggest the right supplement quantity for iron, if required. Self medication route may lead to overloading of iron content in your body which could be harmful for liver and kidney functioning.