Second Trimester Sleep Challenges

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Second Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

Second Trimester Sleep Challenges & Solutions

The second trimester may arrive as a relief to exhausted first-time mothers. You will start feeling more energetic, with subsiding nausea, hormones balancing off and reduced numbers of bathroom visits. Hope, the article on first trimester sleeping tips was helpful, and here we are with another informative one on helping you with second trimester sleeping troubles.

Second Trimester Sleep Challenges-

Heartburn. With enlarging uterus, breathing becomes low, the intestines and esophageal sphincter gets displaced resulting reflux causing heartburn, particularly when sleeping on back.

Nightmares. If you are stressed out regarding your  baby’s growth, your parenting abilities, or something else can produce vivid dreams  interfering  your good night’s rest.

Cramps. Leg cramps or distressing cramps mostly in calf can frighten you awake.


Avoid Heartburn-Inducing Foods. Don’t eat large quantity of fried, spicy and acidic foods, like tomatoes, citrus fruits and coffee. Sleep with your head elevated on pillows. Also, take frequent small meals.

Remain calm. Try to get at least eight hours sleep at a night. Relaxed mind is the only key to get a good night sleep. Try meditation, prenatal yoga, warm baths; having tryptophan-rich foods such as turkey, milk and bananas and lastly, see a counselor if vivid dreams are disturbing you.

Managing Cramps. If you do get a painful leg cramp, flex your foot like expand your heel and point your toes toward your head. A calcium imbalance can lead to leg cramps. Take calcium rich diet and avoid carbonated drinks.

Don’t lie down immediately after eating. The digestive process takes a longer during pregnancy and sitting up will help keep stomach acids where they fit in.

Watch out this space for third trimester sleeping challenges and their solutions.

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