Is It Safe To Drink Coke During Pregnancy?

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Is It Safe To Drink Coke During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Drink Coke During Pregnancy?

YES, It’s safe to drink coke during pregnancy!

However, in modest amounts. Some women are in a habit of drinking soda and can’t stop easily. Regular use of soda provides some empty calories without any other nutrients. During pregnancy you should be cautious about every calorie count in your diet. Never allow soda to substitute the nutritious drinks and foods that you can consume. It’s recommended that maximum caffeine intake should not be more than 200 mg per day during pregnancy and soda contains about 35 to 55 mg of caffeine, so it is wise to limit the intake accordingly. Also consider the amount of caffeine from other foods you consume daily like tea, coffee or energy drinks.

Harms and Risks of Excessive Coke

Caffeine—Mostly soft drinks like colas contain caffeine. Caffeine can easily cross placenta and get to the fetus very easily. If taken in small quantity, it cannot have adverse effects on your baby. However, large amount of caffeine will lessen the blood supply to your growing baby, affecting fetus growth. It can also increase the possibilities of miscarriage. Also, caffeine is a diuretic and makes your body loose water. If you are consuming caffeinated beverages, not forget to add nutritious drinks e.g. milk and fresh fruit juices in your diet. Moreover, surplus caffeine may affect your sleep especially during night.

Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners and Preservatives— these substances exist in most of the soft drinks, even the diet soda. Massive amount of these substances like preservative, sugar substitutes, artificial flavor or colors are not good for pregnant woman.

Alternative Drinks—you can replace caffeinated beverages and drinks with fresh fruit juice, nimbu pani, lassi, aam pani or coconut water.

All in all, drinking soda during pregnancy might not be a good idea for you, but if you are craving for it, go for small amount only!

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