Know Beyond the Basics - Risks & Benefits of Cesarean

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Know Beyond the Basics – Risks & Benefits of Cesarean

Know Beyond the Basics – Risks & Benefits of Cesarean

Have you decided to go for C-Section for your delivery? Know beyond the basics and understand the risks as well as benefits of C-Section.

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure used for delivery. While taking essential maternity decisions, it’s important for women to be aware of what a C-section means for their bodies, their health and their baby.

Some risks and benefits of a surgical delivery are listed below:

When is C-section preferred?

C-Section is usually recommended by doctors when you are expecting twins or triplets or multiple babies. Also in situations when mother is facing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or infections such as herpes. Some other common reasons include:

  • If labor is not progressing as it should.
  • If baby is not in an expected position or the heart rate is slowing down.
  • If placenta separates from the uterus before delivery.
  • If baby weight/size is more while pelvis is small.
  • If baby is not in appropriate position ( An appropriate position would be baby heads down exiting towards pelvis)

Benefits of C-Section

  • Parents can plan according to their work and personal issues.
  • It reduces the chance of possible complications related with the baby.
  • It avoids the risk of post term pregnancy.
  • It may lessen injury to the pelvic muscles, anal sphincters.

 Risks to mother

  • Pain. One can avoid severe labor pain, but there is considerable pain post pregnancy. Also recovery time is more as compared to vaginal birth due to the surgery involved.
  • Infection. One can get infection in their wounds, infection of the lining of uterus, even after consuming antibiotics. Urinary tract infection (UTI) can also be caused by a thin tube inserted during the operation to empty your bladder.
  • Blood clot. Any surgery raises the chances of developing a blood clot. The seriousness depends on the position of the clot.
  • Adhesions. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue which helps in sticking the organs inside of the tummy wall. It can be painful as it limits the movement of your internal organs.
  • Repeated Pattern. Once you have had caesarean, you are more likely to have same for future pregnancies.

Risks to baby

  • Sometimes, premature babies born by caesarean can have breathing problems.
  • A few babies may get a little cut, from the doctor’s scalpel.
  • The antibiotics taken by mother for recovery can pass onto the baby through breast milk.

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