Remedies for Breast Pain during feeding

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Remedies for Breast Pain during feeding

Remedies for Breast Pain during feeding

Are you a new mom or a veteran mother?  Here are the answers to your general inquiries about breast pain during feeding that you may experience!

Sore or cracked nipples:This usually happens when your baby is not latching well. It is normal to experience some tenderness when you start feeding.

Remedies: Make sure that your baby is having feed properly with their mouth well onto the areola. Get going the feed on the least sore side. Express a little milk before putting the baby on. Allow air to your nipples after feed.

Engorgement: Engorgement is when the full breast becomes very tight, hard and uncomfortable. It generally happens during the first week after the birth.

Remedies: Wear supportive inner clothing. It usually helps if you demand feed.  A hot shower or hot pack before feeding can help. Express some milk before feeding. Use cold packs after feeds.

Breast infection – mastitis: You may experience blocked duct or lump or red area with pain. You may have a fever and also feel as if you have the ‘flu’. Keep feeding from both breasts. It will help you to make sure your breasts are drained well. That will not harm your baby.

Remedies: Consult your doctor as you may need antibiotic treatment. Avoid lying on your stomach to sleep which can cause pressure on the breast. Make sure you take care of yourself – eat well and get enough rest.

Breast pain upto some extent is normal but if it continues and is too much too handle you should stop feeding and consult your doctor immediately. Happy Motherhood!

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