Common Mistakes by Pregnant Women

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Common Mistakes by Pregnant Women

Common Mistakes by Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time full of emotional, physical and hormonal changes for a woman. It is indeed the longest and most anxious wait of her life. During this phase, you tend to be cautious and act judiciously even on the pettier suggestions or recommendations. In this process, you end up doing some mistakes which though would not impact the baby but could be harmful in general. Let us explore these common mistakes.

Are you pregnant and making these common mistakes?

Beginning to eat for two

It is one of the most common mistakes, that as soon as you find out you are pregnant you start eating for two. But this is not true, what is important is that you take a nutritious diet which supports the right growth of the baby and also provides you supplements to ensure a healthy pregnancy. You should have smaller, nutritious and number of meals (recommended 6) instead of over-stuffing yourself in the regular meals. Also you should drink lot of water and have more fibers and fruits in your diet.


Self medication should be avoided during pregnancy; you should always consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication, even for a minor headache or fever. Sometimes beauty treatments also use certain chemicals which can affect the baby and cause congenital abnormalities in the baby. So consult the doctor before going ahead with such treatments or self medications.

Improper and inadequate sleep

Less sleep leads to pregnancy fatigue, you should realize the importance of proper rest during pregnancy and should avoid taking unnecessary tension. But this does not mean you should over sleep, because oversleeping now could lead to depression post pregnancy as post pregnancy your sleep cycles would be erratic. So utilize this time to sleep properly and get enough rest. A sleep of 6 hours is recommended for a pregnant woman but avoid oversleeping.

Bonding with the baby

Connect and bond with your baby while it is still in your womb. Doctors recommend it is important for baby’s growth too and helps a mother connect better with her baby emotionally. Build this connection, caress your baby bump now and then and speak. You will realize that gradually baby responds to your voice.

Giving up on your favourite food

You should not give up on your cravings for favourite food just because you are expecting. Though it is recommended to reduce the intake of sweet items and spicy items too but do not stop completely because this sudden stopping will lead you to crave more and increase your anxiety levels.

Avoiding exercise

It is a common myth and a mistake that you should avoid exercising during pregnancy and take complete rest. It is not true! Rather doctors recommend a disciplined exercise routine right from the start of the pregnancy. It should be followed till the end as exercising helps you strengthen your core muscles and thereby helps you during the delivery phase. But you should perform exercises under guided supervision.

Choosing hospital and doctor without due diligence

Entering motherhood is a special experience and you might have some hopes from the same. You should evaluate the doctor and the hospital chosen by you to ensure your needs both emotional as well as physical would be taken care here. You should not just pick a doctor or hospital because one of your near or dear ones found it good. This is completely a personal choice and should be dealt like that.

Avoiding antenatal classes

You should not avoid the antenatal classes and start them right from your first trimester. These classes help you keep yourself informed about the post delivery challenges and remove any inhibitions from your mind regarding delivery or post delivery phases. It is always recommended to go for a professional help rather than banking on the suggestions or advice from relatives.

Many pregnant women make these mistakes, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. Avoid doing such mistakes during your pregnancy and enjoy a happy as well as relaxed pregnancy. The more comfortable your pregnancy period is the more comfortable would be your post delivery phase.

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