I am Pregnant but Home Pregnancy Test False Negative

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I am Pregnant but Home Pregnancy Test False Negative

I am Pregnant but Home Pregnancy Test False Negative

Here’s my story telling that I was actually pregnant but my pregnancy test at home showed negative (FALSE) results meaning NO PREGNANCY can be ruled out. Read this:

I am a young woman in my late twenties and both I and my partner had been desiring a pregnancy since some time now. Luckily, I missed out my periods. I took pregnancy test at home through pregnancy testing kit next day early morning with the first urine of the day to test for the presence of hCG or pregnancy hormones in my urine. I got disappointed at finding the test negative. I couldn’t take it as I had been feeling early signs of pregnancy. I checked out with the nearby doctor to confirm my pregnancy and yes “I WAS PREGNANT”!!!

I confirmed about my pregnancy with a gynaecologist, and it too was POSITIVE. Both I and my husband were on CLOUD 9!!!

3 Simplest reasons for a home pregnancy test false negative:

1. Early test: Possibly, I took my hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) test quite early. When the embryo gets planted along the wall of the uterus, a placenta starts growing and it starts secreting hCG that takes about a week to 10 days from the period of ovulation. It is only after these 10 or 12 days that the presence of hCG starts multiplying every 48 hours or rises exponentially. The test taken just within a week’s time will show home Pregnancy Test False Negative.

2. Low test sensitivity: Not all home pregnancy test kits work are reliable. Some are highly sensitive that can test hCG for 20mIU/ml while in other testing kits, the calibration can only be possible with at least 50 mIU/ml hCG after a week’s ovulation time.

For instance, if I am just 8 days post ovulation and I detected test with the same kit calibrated to test with 50mIU/ml hCG but my hCG levels have actually not shown up this much amount even though I am pregnant.

3. Water: If I drink too much of water, my highly diluted urine will become nearly impossible for any calibrated pregnancy testing kit to detect hCG in the urine.

Frequent urination lowers the presence of hCG in the urine.

Other reasons for home pregnancy test false negative:

1. Are you obese? Overweight women having high BMI (Body Mass Index) have generally lower hCG.

2. At times fertility drugs having hCG may interfere with the pregnancy tests.

3. Do you have ECTOPIC PREGNANCY or OVARIAN CYSTS? If that is the case, pregnancy test may not be proper. Consult your gynae immediately!

TIP: For best results from home pregnancy testing kit, make sure you follow the directions mentioned overleaf. Do consult your gynaecologist to confirm your pregnancy, like I did 🙂

If you have any questions related to pregnancy, please feel free to Ask Your Queries here at MediMetry.


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