10 Pregnancy Myths you should ignore!

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10 Pregnancy Myths you should ignore!

10 Pregnancy Myths you should ignore!

Pregnancy is a special time for a would-be mother. She indeed requires good care as well as attention to her physical and emotional needs during these nine months. Most of us would consult a specialist doctor and register for the pre-natal care to ensure proper care as well as advice is provided to the mother and the baby. This is also the time when one gets advice from the relatives, neighbours and friends. It sometimes becomes difficult to ensure what suggestion or advice should one heed to and which one should be ignored.

Here in this article we are exploring some common pregnancy myths, which either have no medically proven effect or have been passing on from generations to generations without any research!

  1. Predicting the gender of your baby

There are myths based on different criteria and behaviour of the would-be mother which suggest the gender of the baby, for eg.

– The position of sexual intercourse can suggest if you will have a boy or a girl

– The carrying position of the baby in mother’s womb; But science says the baby’s position and size are the reasons behind the “carrying” position in the mother’s womb

– Worseness of morning sickness; if you experience more morning sickness, baby’s gender is female. Though this is also not scientifically proven and quite a common myth!

– It has been scientifically proven that the gender of baby is formed based on the sperms released by the father. More specifically, it is X or Y chromosome in father’s sperm which decides whether it will be a girl or a boy! None of these are medically proven to be correct and have been passing from the older generations. You can easily ignore these remarks.


  1. If you raise your arms above your head, your baby might get the cord coiled up around its neck

It is a usual case that the umbilical cord is wrapped around baby’s neck but mother cannot do anything about it. It is completely dependent on baby’s movement in the fetus and not on mother’s physical movements. For eg. a common myth is that if to-be mother raises her arms above her just like trying to hang clothes on the clothesline, the baby will end up having the umbilical cord wrapped around and will ultimately suffocate.

There is nothing a pregnant woman can do about this and infact in most of the cases the babies grow normally even with the umbilical cord wrapped around.

  1. Your baby will have lot of hair if you get a lot of heartburn

There is no scientific relevance to this myth. The heartburn is common during pregnancy because during pregnancy stomach gets pushed higher thereby allowing the acid to move backwards and hence cause heartburn.  You should take antacids based on your doctor’s prescription.

  1. Do not sleep on your back or try sleeping on left

The comfortable position to lie down for a pregnant woman varies from woman to woman and there is no defined posture. Usually it is recommended that pregnant woman should sleep or lie down in position which is comfortable.

  1. Avoid sex or exercise during pregnancy

It is one of the biggest myths that sex during pregnancy may hamper and affect your baby’s health. Regarding exercise, it is recommended that a pregnant woman should exercise to ensure smooth delivery. So get rid of these myths and go by your doctor’s advice.

  1. Avoid X-rays, radiations from microwaves or computer

Though x-rays should be avoided but if necessary checkups are required, these can be done if confirmed by your doctor. But no scientific proof is there that microwaves and computer emit enough radiations to affect the baby’s health.

  1. Avoid bathing when pregnant

Pregnant woman should avoid bathing with too hot water, and when your water has broken or you are bleeding. But otherwise there is no harmful effect from bathing.

  1. Stormy weather or full moon can lead to early labor

There are firm believers who confirm that stormy weather or full moon can lead to early labor but it is not scientifically proven. Infact labor is induced by hormonal changes, and has no connection with the weather conditions.


9. Avoid bumpy car rides and spicy food, these may trigger labor

As mentioned above, labor is triggered because of hormonal changes in the body and not because of external conditions. Bumpy ride or spicy food can hardly trigger labor and such myths should not be heeded to.

10. Stay away from cats during pregnancy

This myth is not totally untrue but does hold some scientific significance. Infact the reason behind this myth is that cats usually get infected by parasites, toxoplasmosis and it’s found in cat’s litter. It can cause infections in humans and to an extent affect the fetus with deformities. So it is recommended for a pregnant woman to avoid handling the cat litter but otherwise handling the cat is no problem.

Being a to-be-mother it is common to get suggestions and advice from people around you but you should consult your doctor before taking any action on these suggestions. These may not be true, and that is why these are more commonly known as myths.