Worried about Pooping during Labor?

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Worried about Pooping during Labor!!

Worried about Pooping during Labor!!

It is embarrassing yet inevitable situation – “Pooping during labor on the delivery table”.

Mostly women do not want to face such an embarrassing moment; you only want your baby to arrive out, but it’s natural that some poop will come out when you are pushing in delivery process. It also indicates that you are pushing well and effectively. Usually if you are already in hospital, you will be given enema while preparing for delivery. But sometimes, normal delivery does not give any preparation time to get ready, then it’s expected that you will do it on the table only.

Though there is nothing wrong in pooping on the table i.e. pooping during labor, but here are some tips to avoid such situation

Empty the bowel: Remain alert about your labor pain and the feeling of contractions. Be regular with your bowel when your delivery date is approaching, so that to avoid much problem.

Avoid gas inducing foods: Few days before your expected date, start avoiding gas inducing food. Gas will surely loose the stool and the only choice for you will be to let it out.

Have a break: It’s wise not to eat anything, once you start feeling the delivery pain to avoid pooping. If pains are induced in the hospital, then don’t eat until few hours after that.

Enema: Enema is surely given when a woman enters the delivery process. This will help you to remove all the bowel contents; it’s the most effective idea to avoid pooping while pushing out.

Even after trying above tips, if you are unsuccessful in controlling your poop, don’t get embarrassed and just laugh at yourself. The delivery staff is already used to this situation and all they want is to let your baby come out, rest all would be ignored!!

Help your friend who is worried about pooping on the delivery table! Help her take it lightly and do not worry about it too much!