Parenting Tips - Secret recipe for raising a well-behaved child!

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Parenting Tips – Secret recipe for raising a well-behaved child!

Parenting Tips – Secret recipe for raising a well-behaved child!

The infancy and toddler years of a child are most important and crucial years of growth as well as nurturing for a child. The initial 5 years require love and affection from both parents as well as all the other members of the family.

It is commonly said that children behave and learn by observing the actions of people around them. So it becomes critical for everyone in the family to behave appropriately as well as to preach values by action for the child to learn and grasp. As they say, Learning begins at home!

5 Secret Ingredients

This article highlights 5 parenting tips or rather secret ingredients for raising a well-nurtured and well-behaved child.

1. Don’t Lie to your kid

It happens quite often that parents end up lying either to the kids or amongst themselves unknowing of the fact that kids are observing the parents 24*7. A lie could be as simple as asking them to say they are not at home when someone rings for them. Every kid observes their parents and every member in the family very minutely, so parents should be very careful and avoid any lying whether for good or bad atleast in front of them. If parents lie in front of the kids but they preach their kids to be truthful, it will not be imbibed as an inherent value in their characteristic.

2. Avoid fighting or arguing in front of kids

Fighting and arguing in front of kids should be avoided, but if it needs to be done, it should be done in a very respectful manner; otherwise it may lead to psychological problems in kids. It is quite common to observe the difference in kids of divorced parents or unstable families. The kids should be taught to empathize and not to fight. Even the arguing process should be taught such that it is done respectfully.

3. Preach them to share

In today’s era of nuclear families, kids do not learn the value of sharing their toys and belongings with their siblings. This could lead to major personality problems when kids grow up. So to inculcate value of caring for others, it is important that they are taught to share. This can be done with small activities when playing in the park or meeting with friends.

4. Say no to them when required

It happens more than often that kids are pampered by elders of the house and they are given everything they demand. This could gradually lead to bad habits in kids. So it is important to SAY NO to them when they are over-demanding. It could be as simple as telling them to not buy another toy car since they have so many at home. This would also help the kids to understand the value of toys they own. It will solve dual purpose of teaching them to empathize and share by asking them to donate or give away their toys to someone who needs them more than they do such as at an orphanage

5. Preach them to give respect and get respect

Though this age of 3-5 years is quite early for a kid to learn the meaning of respect, but it is critical that kids are taught to respect at this age itself. This would not only help them turn into fine individuals once they grow up but will also get you accolades for being such fine parents. This habit could be cultivated by teaching them to say good morning to every member of the house when they get up and say good night when they are off to sleep, further to this they should be taught to say namastey when someone visits the house. Gradually this will become a habit and part of their lifestyle.

It is important to be patient with kids in their toddler years as these are the years of shaping up the future characteristics and inherent qualities in a kid. Parents should spend valuable time with their kids; participate in teaching them the best values as well as creating an example by following those values themselves. Happy Parenting!